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Windscreen wash & De-Icer

Windscreen wash & De-Icer

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Reflect Windscreen Wash is a concentrated commercial strength screen wash that will quickly remove the dirt that builds up while you drive and has a specially developed no-smear formula to leave your windscreen crystal clear. Reflect Windscreen Wash contains an anti-freezing agent to prevent fluid freezing in cold temperatures.   Dilute the screen wash with water to your needs, and use it in all seasons.


Dilution Ratio

Spring / Summer – Dilute 1:20 With Water

Autumn – Dilute 1:10 With Water

Winter – Up To -8°C Dilute 1:1 With Water / Use Neat For De-Icing & Protection To -15°C

Road traffic film, insects and bird deposits can impair the view through your windscreen and cause glare from strong sunlight or oncoming headlights at night, which can be dangerous. Make sure your windscreen is clean and clear all year round with Reflect Windscreen Wash!

  • High visibility, no streak formula
  • Intensive cleaning – Quickly removes stubborn dirt and traffic film
  • Melts ice and can be used all year round
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