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PHILIPS Ultinon Access

PHILIPS Ultinon Access

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Upgrade. Drive. Enjoy.

Quick, easy installation

  • LED-HL [≈H7,≈H18]
  • Direct-fit LED bulb
  • Compact design
  • 6000 K cool white light

Plug-and-play installation

With Philips Ultinon Access LED bulbs, installation is so quick and easy that retrofitting them is child's play. There's no need for compatibility checks or adapter rings: Philips Ultinon Access LED bulbs come with an ultra-compact body and an integrated IEC 60061 compatible base. Their direct-fit design features the same footprint as halogen bulbs, enabling straightforward installation in tight spaces. They fit easily into vehicles equipped with H7/H18-type bulbs and ensure broad compatibility with most vehicle models*

Better light-beam performance than halogen

Philips Ultinon Access LED bulbs are designed to offer a better light beam performance than halogen bulbs in a compact, universal design. Using the latest innovations in LED technology, they provide the same luminous flux as standard ECE halogen bulbs but significantly improve beam performance using less energy. Philips Ultinon Access LED bulbs provide drivers with better on-road vision, making it easier to spot obstacles and drive more safely.

Compliant with automotive standards

Technologically advanced, Philips lighting has been renowned in the automotive industry for over 100 years. We are aware that the performance of our products depends on their compatibility with the demands of today's automotive environment, so we design our products as closely as possible to industry standards. Our Philips Ultinon Access LED bulbs comply with EMI standards for electromagnetic interference. Precision-engineered to withstand the rigours of modern automotive life, our bulbs won't disrupt the operation of other vehicle components.

Long-lasting performance

Philips Ultinon Access LED bulbs are rigorously tested and checked to ensure long-term durability and long-lasting performance. Our range offers up to three times the life of a comparable halogen bulb plus homogeneous light throughout the bulbs' lifespan. The Philips warranty policy covers Philips Ultinon Access LED bulbs. Visit to learn more and sign up for an extended warranty**. Enjoy the best of today's technology with Philips Ultinon Access LED bulbs.

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