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Kenotek Cargo 4100 Contactless Snow Foam

Kenotek Cargo 4100 Contactless Snow Foam

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Kenotek Cargo 4100 Contactless Snow Foam 


  • Extra strong and concentrated
  • Good foam coverage for better contact with the vehicle
  • Cleans oil, grease, insects and static road film
  • 3 in 1: bodywork degreaser, alkaline wheel cleaner and insect remover

Product Description

Cargo 4100 Forté is an extra strong, concentrated exterior cleaner for all vehicles. It has a strong degreasing power and ensures an efficient cleaning of stubborn traffic film. The specific foaming guarantees a good coverage of the entire vehicle and a better soaking power of the dirt. Cargo 4100 Forté is a unique product suitable for touch-less applications.

Available packages: 5 KG 23 KG 240 KG 1200 KG

Technical Information

Cargo 4100 Forté can be applied via a sprayer, high pressure installation and foaming gun.


  • Dilute 4 Parts Water with 1 Part Product when used with a foam lance.

For best results, apply with a foam/bottle lance or and injector lance.

  • For other applications, use diluted at 1% - 1.5% if using a spray bottle.
  • For Heavy Brake Dust on wheels, use at a ratio of 1:10 (product:water)

How to Use

  1. Spray on product using one of the above methods.
  2. Allow the product to loosen the traffic film and work for 3-4 minutes.
  3. Power hose off with either a hot or cold power washer.
  4. Wash the vehicle with your lance, using the lance as your brush.
  5. Wash in sideways movements from the bottom to the top of the vehicle 
  6. Then rinse the vehicle from the top down
  7. Allow vehicle to dry without touching it to leave a streak free gleaming finish.

Keep Product away from frost. 

Keep away from direct sunlight

Do not allow the foam to dry on the vehicle in sunshine

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