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ASAP T-Grip Orange/ black Nitrile Gloves

ASAP T-Grip Orange/ black Nitrile Gloves

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Size also factors in. After all, "fits like a glove" had to pop out of somewhere, right? After selecting the right type of glove for your particular needs, next is ensuring that it fits properly. Poorly fitting gloves are attributed to about a third of hand injuries. and can be hazardous. When wearing gloves, they should snugly fit your hand and give your fingers full range of motion- like you’re not wearing them at all. When they don’t fit properly, there can be hand cramping or blistering, which will impair you from working safely. When they are too small, the gloves restrict movement, and there will be increased fatigue in the wearer's hands and fingers. When tight, they can even lead to skin problems. On the other hand, the gloves that are too large end up interfering with one’s grip, and are more prone to snagging.  

Comfort is a key element when selecting the optimal glove for workplace safety.  When working with gloves that are thick, bulky and uncomfortable to use, the worker is more likely to remove them, leaving them more prone to injury. In fact, a huge portion of accidents that occur when gloves aren’t worn are attributed to the workers simply removing them because they felt "uncomfy", thus making them find it difficult to work. When gloves are not made out of a breathable material, the hands end up becoming hot and sweaty. The affected individual just takes them off, choosing comfort over protection from cuts. Your employees don’t have to be forced to make this choice. Getting quality workplace gloves will protect them while carrying out their tasks, and still give them the comfort that is needed. This can be achieved with the ASAP T-Grip Orange Nitrile Gloves. Here is more that you can expect from this particular product:

Benefits OF The ASAP T-Grip Orange Nitrile Gloves

  1. Heavy duty protection

The ASAP T-Grip Orange Nitrile Gloves have been designed for the tough jobs.  Take building and construction for instance- ranging from the DIY home renovation tasks being carried out, to full-on construction jobs in real estate and infrastructure projects. They are riddled with hazards, and a simple accident can land one in the emergency room. In addition to the pain and lost manhours, costs of attending to the hand injuries from the construction jobs are high, from getting stitches, dealing with lacerations, to cases of severed tendons.   Then there is service and repair industry, from automotive jobs when you're dealing with oils and greases, to aspects such as pest control. The ASAP T-Grip Orange Nitrile Gloves will give you the desired protection during these tasks, whether you’re carrying out the job yourself or looking for gear that will enhance worker safety for your firm.  

  1. Protection from chemicals

The protection from the ASAP T-Grip Orange Nitrile Gloves also extends to those working with chemicals and biohazards. That way you will be safe from chemical burns, or reactions that affect your skin when dealing with the agents. Take those involved in car paint jobs for instance. The chemicals in the solvents used can penetrate the skin, entering the body and causing different health problems- even in small amounts. A primary concern is with the solvents, which damage the skin, making it easier for chemicals like isocyanates to get into the body. These are strong irritants, triggering allergic reactions to the skin, and affecting internal tissues. There is a wide range of chemicals in automotive workshops and industrial applications that one needs protection from. The primers, base coats, thinners, all through to the clear coats all contain ingredients of whom exposure is harmful. These range from ethyl acetate and toluene in hardeners, butyl acetate and ethylbenzene in the thinners, basecoats that come with metallic pigments and titanium dioxide, primers which are loaded with barium sulphate, resins and fillers, to the petroleum naphtha and mixed dibasic esters that are in clearcoats. The material that the gloves are constructed with is key. For instance, latex gloves in such a situation would offer little or no protection, since they tend to rapidly degrade when exposed to the chemicals even during the quick painting jobs. Nitrile gloves, on the other hand, offer the required protection against the chemicals- including organic solvents. Including the ASAP T-Grip Orange Nitrile Gloves into your gear will enable you to ensure that you’re protected as you carry out the task you’re involved in, and avoid the dangers of skin exposure to the chemicals.  

  1. Latex-free

Natural rubber latex has one core problem: allergies. The latex is obtained from the sap of the rubber tree. The allergic reactions develop in persons who are sensitized/allergic to the proteins that are contained in the natural rubber latex. This is a common case when latex gloves are being worn, and they also affect those who the individual comes into contact with. The allergy symptoms are broad, from itching, hives, getting a stuffy or runny nose, sneezing, difficulty breathing, to chest tightness. The symptoms tend to begin just a couple of minutes after exposure to the products containing latex- from baby bottles, pacifiers, handbags, to waistbands and athletic shoes. More severe cases result in anaphylaxis, where there is really serious difficulty in breathing, which can also be accompanied by a fall in blood pressure.  For latex gloves specifically, symptoms on the skin are immediate, including the itching, redness and swelling of the skin. Are latex allergic a concern? With the ASAP T-Grip Orange Nitrile Gloves, a synthetic rubber, you won’t have to worry about that. 

  1. Superior grip

When working, you want optimal grip. A compromised grip is actually an occupational hazard. There are increased chances of objects being dropped, which also puts the persons nearby in danger. The last thing you want is tool getting out of control in the middle of work. What’s more, for those cases where the glove does not provide the required grip, workers tend to remove them, thus exposing their hands. The more firm the grip is, the more control that you have, and the better the protection as it aids in avoiding hand-related injuries, while simultaneously increasing productivity. The superior grip of the ASAP T-Grip Orange Nitrile Gloves is provided by the tight diamond pattern. It enables you to handle greasy and oily objects without compromising on flexibility. The diamond pattern also provides channels for the excess oils and greases to flow off, effectively putting tiny high points on the surface of the gloves, which enhances the natural movement of your hand in wet conditions.

  1. Brightly coloured

The bright orange colour of the ASAP T-Grip Orange Nitrile Gloves has a core purpose: enhanced visibility. One of the factors that increase chances of accidents occurring is low visibility. Workers, from those in the construction industry to the emergency responders, are occasionally exposed to potential hazards in such scenarios, and the premises with lots of machinery and many moving parts put them at higher risk. Being able to see where your hands in when in a place with low lighting can make a huge difference between being safe and a finger getting caught in the machinery. The bright coloured nature of the ASAP T-Grip Orange Nitrile Gloves also comes in handy when working around piloted or driven machinery. Here, the colour of the unit makes it easier to draw the attention of the drivers and personnel manning the machinery, alerting them to the people that are working around them. This makes these units an asset when in situations where it is vital for the crew to stand out from their working environment and its background, especially for the worksites where there is a lot of equipment, from industries, rural highways or out in the farm. They are also beneficial in those worksites where distractions are plenty, and the workers easily get their attention diverted from the work at hand, like in a factory environment. 

  1. Powder-free 

Innovation and technological advances have enabled the widespread shift from powdered to powder-free gloves. Before, powder was added to gloves to make them easy to put on and remove. However, this came with different problems, one of the major ones being the mess created. As such, manufacturers moved to powder-free designs, where aspects like polymer coating are used to achieve the goal of making them easy to don and doff. Here, polymers like acrylics, hydrogels and silicones are applied to the interior of the gloves, thus reducing the friction effect, enabling them to slide onto the hands comfortably. The powder-free nature of the ASAP T-Grip Orange Nitrile Gloves also comes in handy in areas like the automotive industry. After all, you don’t want a situation where cornstarch powder particles are being released into the air and contaminating your work when windshields are being installed, as the powder will weaken the glass seal, resulting in leaks. Even in cases where you’re handling paintwork, or finishes for projects be they in the automotive or construction industry, and also during sealing applications, the presence of powder would result in the particles getting into the finish, ruining the quality of the results. Going for the powder-free ASAP T-Grip Orange Nitrile Gloves prevents the contamination from occurring. As a welcome bonus, you get to avoid the mess that is associated with the powdered gloves, which tend to leave residue on the hands and one's clothes.

  1. Food safe

This attribute enables the ASAP T-Grip Orange Nitrile Gloves to be used in food preparation activities, without risk of contaminating the meals. They are safe for commercial kitchens, and those in the catering industry looking for gloves that will protect them while they go about their tasks, without putting the integrity of the food preparation environment at risk. Your hands- and that of your kitchen staff, get to be protected when cutting up those spicy foods like jalapeno pepper, protects your nails, and even comes in handy when keeping acidic juices out of any cuts that you may have on your hands. It also means that those strong odours- such as with fish and garlic, won’t keep sticking to your hands, Restaurants, bars, and coffee shops, all through to food trucks, the gloves will be up to the task. Since they are disposable units, they also come in handy for providing protection from foodborne illnesses, and their economical nature makes them cost-effective for the frequent changes.

Pack Contains: 50 x Gloves

Case Contains 500 x Gloves

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