Autoglym Super Sheen 5L

Autoglym Super Sheen 5L

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Autoglym Super Sheen 5L

Restore and protect plastic and rubber

Conditions and protects interior and exterior trim
Ideal for use on plastic, vinyl, rubber, seals, trims and engine bays
Can be used on wet or dry surfaces
Can produce a high gloss or natural finish depending on preference
Attractive fragrance
Non sticky formulation prevents dirt attraction and makes future cleaning easier
Product versatility offers maximum value for money
Ease of use speeds up valeting process improving profitability
IMPORTANT: For Professional Use Only

1. Shake well before use. Ensure surface is clean. For interior surfaces, pre-clean with Autoglym Interior Cleaner.

2. Spray the product liberally onto the surface or apply with a dry sponge. For use on motorcycles, apply product directly onto an Autoglym Microfibre Cloth and wipe over the desired surface.

3. For a semi-matte finish, buff the surface with the Autoglym Microfibre Cloth until the desired finish is achieved.

4. For a gloss finish apply the product evenly across the surface and leave to dry.

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