Autoglym Multiwash TFR 5L

Autoglym Multiwash TFR 5L

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Versatile and gentle TFR for all interior and exterior surfaces

Multi purpose, ideal for use on all interior and exterior vehicle surfaces
Non caustic for safe use across all surfaces and materials
Safely and effectively removes traffic film, oil and grease with minimized environmental impact
Attractive citrus fragrance
Can be used with hot or cold pressure washers and pre spray systems
Safe formulation prevents damage to vehicle surfaces
Dilutes to suit your requirements or application type
Highly cost effective to maximise profitability
Use of TFR as a pre spray before shampoo removes dangerous contaminants minimising the risk of paintwork damage
IMPORTANT: For Professional Use Only

Pre-test all interior fabrics for colour-fastness before use.

Dilute according to the table on pack.

For exterior use, apply evenly to the vehicle starting with lower areas. Do not allow product to dry. Rinse off using high pressure water.

For interior use, apply with hand spray and agitate with sponge or brush. Wipe off with a damp cotton cloth or Autoglym Chamois.

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