Autoglym Liquid Clay 5L

Autoglym Liquid Clay 5L

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A reactive formula that removes iron contaminants to leave a silky smooth, clay like finish

Colour Change Technology
Safely removes contaminants such as industrial fallout from all exterior surfaces
Safe pH neutral formulation
Non offensive fragrance unlike other reactive products
Ready to use formulation
Easy spray on, rinse off formulation
Reactive colour change creates a wow factor to boost customer experience
Ease of use speeds up valeting process
Ensures a smooth surface to avoid scratches during polishing
IMPORTANT: For Professional Use Only

1. Remove any heavy soiling from the vehicle making sure the surface has been cleaned prior to application.

2. Ensure bodywork and wheels are cool to the touch and spray liberally onto the affected exterior surfaces. Leave to dwell for up to 5 minutes (do not allow product to dry).

3. Gently agitate with a sponge to remove contamination.

4. Shampoo and rinse to reveal a smooth and shiny finish to bodywork and wheels.

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